Andrea and Mallory with their awesome chalk creations on their driveway!

About a week ago, we discovered a great post online about someone who created a stained glass look with their children on their front window. We thought it might be the perfect project to do for anyone who’s willing, and we can share photos of our creations on Easter. How fitting to celebrate that morning with displays of light and color made by our own hands?

The post that inspired us used washable paint, but there are so many ways to participate in this challenge, big and small. We created a custom playlist on our YouTube channel to give you some ideas. Please, please don’t think you can’t participate because you don’t have a youngster to help out!

We hope that when you’re done putting your work of art together, you’ll share it with us. If you post it on Facebook, please tag our page using this: @Middleburg Heights Community United Church of Christ

For now, here’s the original post:

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