We came across another fun activity online and thought those of you with bored kiddos at home might enjoy repurposing their plastic Easter eggs into seed eggs for the birds (and, let’s face it, the squirrels, too).

Here’s an image for the original post, but it’s a simple project with just two ingredients and those plastic eggs.

Prepare your box of unflavored gelatin according to package directions and then mix in the bird seed (they used Pennington birder’s blend). The poster does it half at a time (half the gelatin & half the bird seed). Coat the inside of the eggs with cooking spray, then pack the mix in and close the egg. Do that for however many eggs you’re making, and pop them into the fridge to set up. Be aware that the gelatin may leak out of the little holes in the plastic eggs.

We aren’t sure how many eggs a box of gelatin mixed with seed makes, but the poster mentions 10 cups of mixture fills 3 to 4 dozen plastic eggs. They also give a couple of examples of ways to make this an educational experience. Let us know if you decide to try this. Have fun providing an egg hunt for the local wildlife!

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